Ways To Always Look Brilliant

The right cut plays an important role – it may help a lady create an incredible, unforgettable image and look fantastic no matter what. It’s not that hard to choose a cut suitable for round face shape as it may seem on the first sight; it’s worth taking the facial features as well as hair type into consideration when willing to change the image.

There is a great number of cuts perfect for ladies with round face shape. Short layered haircuts for women with round faces may help them look more elegant, create an eye-catching look and add volume even to fine hair.

What Are The Most Suitable Cuts?

As a rule, it’s essential to select a cut taking facial features into account in order it to look good. Which cuts are the most suitable for girls with a round face shape?


  1. Short messy hair. Such hairstyle is just perfect for ladies with round face. It’s really easy to create a desired look and style short hair at home; all you need to do is use mousse, volumizing foam or hair varnish. Apply any of the mentioned products to wet hair and let it dry naturally (don’t use a hairdryer).
  2. Pixie is one of the most stylish and widespread shortcuts thousands of women give preference to. Pixie is just an excellent option for ladies with round face shape which requires almost no styling – it can be styled with the help of mousse and a hairdryer.
  3. Cascade cut. This layered cut has definitely gained in popularity with women with round face shape. Cascade covers fullness of the round face and helps create a really fashionable image. It also adds volume, so cascade will be a catch for ladies with fine hair.
  4. Bob. This cut makes ladies look even more feminine and elegant. It’s suggested ladies with round face shape to also cut side bangs in order it to hide fullness.

There are also other short layered haircuts for women with round faces; the following cuts will be just perfect for ladies who are not afraid of changes:

  1. Tomboy cut – this is a really short cut which makes it possible to create a unique, extraordinary, edgy look. Tomboy will be a catch for women with round faces and will be appropriate for any occasion.
  2. Garson. The cut will make any woman look younger than her age as well as help create an edgy and stylish image.
  3. Hedgehog cut – an extra shortcut excellent for women who are willing to attract attention and create an unforgettable image. It requires no styling which makes it just irreplaceable for ladies on the go.

All the above-mentioned tips will help you find a perfect shortcut and create an incredible image which will make you feel confident and beautiful no matter what.