Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair And Oval Face

Ladies with the oval face are truly lucky – they can do any haircut and always look fantastic. Straight or curled, with or without bangs, side or straight part – women with the oval face can style anything. Ladies with thick hair and oval face may do both layered and blunt cut; the first one will add volume, while the second one will emphasize facial features.

Top Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair And Oval Face

What cuts is it worth taking into consideration when willing to change the image? The following cuts are the most relevant and widespread ones:


  1. Sassoon. This is a legendary cut created by Vidal Sassoon, a well-known hairstylist. Sassoon is in style nowadays and only an experienced top stylist is able to cut Sassoon the right way and help you create an eye-catching look.
  2. Pixie. This cut makes it possible for you to create an edgy, unforgettable image which will not leave anyone indifferent. Pixie is an excellent choice for ladies who are willing to look younger than their age as well as for women who like experimenting with hairstyles. Pixie may also help you create a romantic and elegant look. It is just a catch for ladies with oval face shape.
  3. Bob. That is definitely one of the most widespread cuts girls often give preference to when willing to try something new. This cut is suitable for any hair type – thick, fine, straight and wavy. There is a great number of bob variations, however blunt bob remains the most popular one. Bob requires almost no styling; all you need to do is wash your hair, use styling products, such as mousse or volumizing foam, and style it with a brush and a dryer. Bob looks incredible with straight and asymmetrical bangs – it will make your image complete and look perfect in any situation.
  4. Garson cut. The cutlets you experiment with the haircut either creating a glamorous, fabulous look or edgy image. Garson is a layered cut which usually goes with side bangs. It’s a perfect option for ladies with oval faces who are willing to attract attention and always be stylish.
  5. Cascade cut. This is another cut suitable for girls with oval face shape and thick hair. Cascade is one of the most stylish cuts which make any look chic and fashionable. The cut will add volume and make it possible for you to easily style it at home. Short cascade is excellent for ladies on the go – it’s a really convenient cut which will not bother you during the day.

You are really lucky if you have oval face shape since you are able to do any cut you want to and always look brilliant, especially if your hair is thick. All the above-mentioned cuts will help you create an incredible image and feel confident no matter what.