Short Stacked Bob Haircuts For Thin Hair

Each girl dreams of thick hair she can style in lots of diverse ways and always look fantastic. But what can you do if you have thin hair? If you don’t want to spend much time adding volume to hair roots, then it’s definitely worth choosing short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair. Such cuts can be easily styled at home with the help of hair dryer and special hair products.

If you want to create a vivid and eye-catching image, then:

  • give preference to shortcuts if you have thin, lifeless hair;
  • choose the cut which requires almost no styling in order to style it on your own making minimum effort;
  • select a cut which adds volume to thin hair.

The Right Cuts For Thin Hair: What To Give Preference To

Short stacked bob haircuts for thin hair are really popular nowadays; such cuts add volume as well as make hair look shinier. Special masks, shampoos, conditioners will help you always keep your hair tidy and healthy. It’s also possible to dye hair darker in order it to look thicker. Shatush, balayage, and ombre may also help you create the desired image – it will make hair look glowy, airy and thick. You have to choose proven, a qualitative dye in order not to ruin hair.

Bob is one of the most widespread cuts millions of ladies give preference to. There are lots of diverse variations of such cut, however, if you have thin, lifeless hair then you need to choose short stacked one.


Here are a few other popular variations:

  • short messy bob which elongates the neck;
  • bob with straight bangs which makes the look more feminine and makes face longer;
  • bob with asymmetric bangs which is suitable for every face shape;
  • blunt bob, a straight classic cut;
  • A-line bob with long strands of hair – an excellent option for round and rectangle face shape.

Bob is cut at the level of ears or above shoulders. The layered bob is a perfect cut for adding volume and making hair look thicker. Such cut often goes with bangs – straight, asymmetric or side ones. It highlights cheekbones and elongates the neck.

It’s worth taking facial features and face shape into account when selecting the most suitable cut and willing to create an eye-catching image. Such a way, blunt bob with straight bangs and chin-length bob are suitable for ladies with oblong face shape. Ladies with the heart-shaped face should give preference to layered bob and lob, while women with pearl face shape need to choose short and classic bob. The asymmetrical bob is suitable for ladies with a square face, wavy bob will be a catch for girls with round face, while women with an oval face can do any variation of such cut.