What is the best haircut for short hair

haircut for short hair

For a girl to look good, she needs to invest in her beautiful hair. And it’s not just about money, you also need to find the strength, time and inspiration to do it. And, contrary to popular belief, short length requires even more attention than long strands. It is necessary not only to choose the right haircuts, but also to monitor the styling, the health of the hair and scalp, to do regular care and keep the freshness of the hair.

Characteristics of short haircuts

“Short hair” is a relative concept. Some people believe that the length up to the shoulder blades or chin refers to short, and some people classify hair more than 5 cm to long and feminine. The classic short haircut in any style has quite clear characteristics. Hair for it can be from 1-3 centimeters (“male hedgehog”) to 15-20 centimeters (at this length the hair reaches the chin).

Types of short haircuts

Girls who have decided to cut off the length, they can consider a variety of options for short hairstyles. You should not be guided only by current fashion trends, because sometimes the trend is suitable only for people with a certain face shape, and for others to create a very unfortunate image.

A girl should understand the advantages and disadvantages of her appearance, so that a short hairstyle will help to emphasize her strengths. You should not choose a certain haircut just because it looks good in a photo or on someone else.


The feminine haircut, the carre, became widespread in France in the 1920s, and it hasn’t lost its relevance to this day. The classic braid involves a straight cut for straight hair, the length of which reaches the earlobe. It is suitable for those girls who have quite thick hair.

On curly strands, you can also make a stylish short braids, but it should be borne in mind that it will turn out more voluminous. Those who are overweight and have noticeable cheeks, this hairstyle may not suit, as it will visually give the face massive and fullness.

haircut for short hair


The undercut was originally popular among European men in the 1910s and 30s. Now it is also suitable for women who want to highlight the cheekbones and slightly elongate the face visually.

The peculiarity of this hairstyle is in the different lengths of the strands. On the sides and back the hair is cut very short by the machine, while in the front and on the crown remains a good volume. For the neatness and beauty of the undercut, the constant styling of the strands with a hair dryer and a flat iron is mandatory.


The bob is a whole set of different short haircuts that give the hairstyle an elegant volume. This is due to the gradual narrowing of the shape in the downward direction. The hair above the crown visually elongates the face, and the hairstyle looks like a kind of dome, the silhouette of which resembles a bean (hence the name of the haircut). This effect is created by the hairdresser when he cuts the strands under different tension and uses different angles.

The classic bob opens up a seductive view of the neck at the back, which refutes the opinion that there is no sexuality in women’s short haircuts.


The stylish bob-cut goes gradually upwards from the face. In this case there is a smooth cut, as on the classic square-cut, and from the bob the volume on the crown is saved. This haircut is suitable for any short hair structure and sexually emphasizes the long neck.


Pixie was introduced into fashion by Audrey Hepburn in the 1950s, she appeared with this look in the iconic movie Roman Holiday. This haircut involves very short (literally a few centimeters) strands at the nape and sides, but a longer crown and small bangs. Modern ladies can experiment by creating an asymmetrical silhouette with oblique bangs, opening the “working” area of her face.

The most striking experiments with a pique haircut in Hollywood stars are the images of Charlize Turron, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway.


A cascade is suitable for hair that reaches the chin or even the shoulders. This short haircut involves elongated strands in the back and an uneven cut of hair at the face. It was especially popular 5-7 years ago, but even now there are girls who use the uneven length to open the face, creating bold youthful images.


Short haircuts in several layers (for example, rhapsody) are suitable for girls who have frizzy hair and do not have a smooth structure. With multilayered correction, the hairstylist can remove excess volume and make the hairstyle more neat. Volume control can also be used to visually correct the shape of the face, making it more elongated or softer.


Asymmetry on the hair can be created in any variants of haircuts – a carriage, a bob and others. It adds creativity and freshness to the image. The effect is achieved by lengthened strands on one side and shorter strands on the other. Sometimes the asymmetry can be created only with the help of bangs placed on the side, for example in a pixie haircut.


Ragged strands will be suitable for those girls who are already tired of a straight cut and want to make their hair more perky. The main thing is not to try to make such a short haircut yourself, but to turn to a professional who can choose the most beneficial effect for the shape of the girl’s face.

This effect is not recommended for those who already do not have enough volume due to liquid and thin hair. In this case, you can limit yourself to torn bangs.

Lifestyle tips from hairdressers

In order to be beautiful, it is not enough to visit a beauty salon once every few months. It is necessary to take daily care of yourself and your hair, even if after the haircut there is very little hair left. A few tips from professional stylists that will help you always look flawless with a short haircut:

The haircut should be renewed every 1-2 months, so that the hair does not have time to grow and lose its shape. If the goal of the girl is to regain a healthy length, the hairstyle will need to be corrected as the hair grows.

The self-care is very important. It is desirable that the means were selected by a professional, based on the structure, coloring and characteristics of the hair.

The hair oil will not remove the split ends, but it can keep the hair structure healthier. It should be used 3-4 times a week on the ends and length, but not on the roots of the hair.

Any coloring, even regular tinting, should be renewed regularly. Unfresh color on short hair stands out very strongly and gives the impression of unkemptness of the girl.

If a girl has worn a certain short haircut for a long time, but she had significant changes in her figure (strong weight loss, or vice versa – weight gain), her hair will need to be adjusted to the new shape of her face.

The opinion that a short haircut is designed solely for comfort is wrong. Make stylish haircuts even on a short length of hair, and the right hairstyle will only emphasize the femininity and grace of its owner. To maintain the attractiveness of her image girls it is important not to forget about regular visits to a hairdresser and self-care.