How to cut short shaggy haircut

short shaggy haircut

The hair is shaggy, sloppy, disheveled – as only the fashionable women’s sheggie haircut can be called. Let’s find out what this hairstyle really is, how it’s made and who it suits, and as we discuss it, let’s share some stylish ideas for different haircuts.

What is a shaggy haircut

Shaggy is a type of cascade haircut with the tips sticking out in different directions, creating a chunky effect. The haircut can be performed along the entire length of the hair or only in the lower part.

Shaggy hair is commonly referred to as a modern haircut, but the appearance of this extravagant style dates back to the 70s of last century. Popular with the then popular Siouxsie Sioux, lead singer of the band Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Not many people dared to make a bold haircut, so its popularity quickly went downhill. The triumphant return took place only a couple of years ago and in 2023 shaggy is a symbol of boldness and audacity, bordering on a love of fashion.

Features of shaggy:

  • Layered without symmetry – the strands are cut chaotically, giving the very effect of ruffling;
  • It is most often completed with bangs – straight, oblique or shortened;
  • It can be cut at any hair length.

Advantages of a shaggy haircut:

  • Does not require styling;
  • Combines with various styles of clothing – from business and casual to sporty and street;
  • Gives volume to sparse and thin hair;
  • Practically universal in terms of face type;
  • No restrictions on hair shaft type – suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair;
  • Able to hide facial imperfections – puffiness, frontal wrinkles, “crows feet.”

Surprisingly, the hairstyle has no disadvantages. The only disadvantage is the need for frequent hair correction. As the hair grows back it loses the ruffled effect. Otherwise, shaggy is a universal option for any woman.

short shaggy haircut

Types of shaggy and topical styles

In contrast to other types of women’s hairstyles, shaggy differ in a small choice of styles. There are only a couple or three types of hairstyles:

  • Classic. This is a simple shaggy haircut of medium length not below the shoulders with bangs and expressive filigree along its entire length;
  • Shaggy bob-cut. It is essentially a graduated braid, which is cut according to the classic technique, but instead of a straight cut, the strands are graduated, giving a slightly jagged effect;
  • Shaggy Mallet. It is a combination of a mallet, a style with shortened temples and an elongated nape, and a shaggy. From the former, the hairstyle takes shape; from the latter, it is layered and lightly sloppy;
  • Shaggy long or elongated shaggy haircut. The classic hairstyle is based on medium-length hair, while long shaggy is a haircut for long hair.

In addition to these three varieties, shaggy varies in the design of bangs. In the traditional version of the haircut was performed with long straight bangs, but as fashion has evolved, the choice has expanded considerably.

Shaggy are combined with:

  • Straight bangs up to or below the eyebrows. Thick straight bangs are not relevant, but the jagged cut will perfectly complement the bold hairstyle;
  • Slanted. Also it is usual to choose a tearing oblique bangs, but also a sliding cut forming a smooth transition of the length;
  • Curtain. Where without the popular Korean bangs “curtain” – it is also good in combination with braids, and in all variations – from very short to long;
  • Micro-bangs. Short bangs that barely reach the center of the forehead are an interesting style for a shaggy cut. It enhances the shaggy and makes the haircut original – choose a micro bangs if you like to surprise.

About the relevance of shaggy it is nothing to say – now in fashion naturalness, so the carelessness of the haircut, ease and unpretentiousness in the styling, makes it one of the most relevant styles of the season 2022 – 2023.

Fashionable haircut chosen by both ordinary girls and the world’s celebrities. Samira Armstrong and Deanna Agron tried on a short shaggy bob back in 2020, and a more elongated version was worn by Halle Berry and Billy Eilish.

Who looks good with a shaggy?

Shaggy is a universal hairstyle that suits everyone regardless of facial features and shape. But some features of the haircut on the shape of the face is better to take into account:

  • Oval. For an oval face there are no restrictions – you can make shaggy of any length and with different degrees of graduation;
  • Circle. When choosing a shaggy for a round face, it is better to refuse from straight bangs from the eyebrows – it will strengthen the roundness. It is better to choose oblique jagged bangs, and make the haircut itself on medium or long hair to visually elongate the face;
  • Rectangle and square. Take a closer look at a medium shearling haircut – too long hair will elongate the face even more, and we don’t need that. Avoid straight bangs to the eyebrows with a straight cut. But slanting bangs to the side or straight but torn bangs will look more harmonious;
  • Triangle. There guided haircut below the chin. Bangs should be thick, but it is better to cut them with a slant or a popular bang;
  • Rhombus. A diamond-shaped face is a great base for a medium shearling haircut. With the right length, there will be volume at the bottom. A wavy shaggy haircut will work best for a diamond-shaped face, but a straight haircut can only increase the angularity.

Shaggy and hair type

  1. Fine hair. For thin and sparse strands of hair, shegging is a real salvation. Thanks to the layering of the haircut in the hair appears volume and it seems that on your head a whole mop of hair;
  2. thick. A uniformly shortened hairstyle can help to avoid the “hat” effect but at the same time keep the volume of the hair and emphasize its density;
  3. Stiff and heavy hair. Girls with stiff hair may have difficulties with shaggy. The fact is that such hair strands do not give the hairstyle lightness, constantly pulling it down. It is especially difficult for women with straight curls from nature – the hair will constantly seem to fall down;
  4. Wavy. Wavy curls are perfect for this hairstyle. Thanks to the curve of curls, shaggy look even lighter and more romantic;
  5. Curly. With curly hair is more difficult – it is difficult to control them, so deliberate carelessness can easily be replaced by chaos. To tame your hair a bit, try a curly wash – it will become a little more manageable;
  6. Straight. As we wrote above – straight hair is not the best option for a shaggy. The only exception would be thin, light straight hair.

Doing a shaggy haircut can even be done on problematic hair shafts, such as those with split ends. By grading the strands, the hairdresser will cut off all the painful ends, making the hair more lively and dynamic.

Shaggy for different scalp types:

  • Dry. Strive to constantly moisturize lengths so that slight sloppiness isn’t replaced by a shapeless “nest.” Use a balm and mask regularly. Also, look after your hair with extra care – use thermal protection and leave-in moisturizers;
  • Oily hair. The problem with oily hair is its declining volume. This can be solved by washing your head in time – usually for oily skin it is once every 1-2 days. In addition, use products to give volume, well, or sign up for a fashionable now salon procedure boost-up. You’ll have a harder time maintaining the beauty and volume of a pheggie, but you can’t go wrong with a stylish haircut, can you?
  • Normal hair is really easy to maintain, so a pixie cut, a brace or a brawny cut may not be too much trouble.

How to get a shaggy cut

  1. Give your hair a good wash and apply conditioner;
  2. Use a towel to pick up excess moisture from the strands, but do not aim to dry them to the end;
  3. Gently brush your hair to ease further zoning and the haircut itself. If the strands are badly tangled, apply a leave-in product that will make combing easier;
  4. Divide your head into zones-two temporal, occipital, and top of the head. Insulate the hair in each zone with a clip or rubber band so that it does not get in the way;
  5. Starting from the temple, start separating small strands and by pulling them at an angle of 90 degrees, cut the excess length;
  6. After working through the two temporal areas, go to the back of the head and repeat the same steps. Then work through the crown – here there should be strands of maximum length. Finish everything with bangs – oblique, straight or with a curtain;
  7. When all zones are worked out, separate strands should be profiled to achieve the effect of carelessness;
  8. Blow-dry your hair with a hair dryer and a brushing comb or leave it to dry on its own – shaggy looks great even without styling.

Despite the apparent simplicity and the lack of the need to measure symmetrical cuts, it is better to leave the cutting of shaggy to a professional.

How to style shaggy 

And now the thing that worries girls with a shaggy haircut: how to style it. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it does not require any tricky manipulations. If your hair is manageable and not prone to frizz, after washing your hair dry with a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment and a stylish style is ready.

If you are the owner of willful curls, take note of the step by step instructions for styling shaggy:

  • After you have washed your hair, dry it with a towel;
  • Spread a small amount of styling foam in your hands and distribute it over your hair. When applying, you can squeeze the hair from the tips to the roots to add an S-curve to the hair;
  • Blow-dry your hair. If there isn’t enough volume at the roots, blow-dry hair downside down – this will help lift the roots;
  • Put some gel or wax on the ends of dry hair. This will help make your hair stand out and create a messy effect.

For special occasions or just to change the image shaggy can be gathered into hairstyles such as a low bun, a low ponytail or light braids. But here it all depends on the length of the haircut – short and medium haircuts, most likely, will not work.